Sunglasses play a huge role in our modern fashion culture. But sunglasses are not only the best fashion accessory, but they also play an important role in our health and safety. Sunglasses are just as important as sunscreen when you are outdoors for extended periods.

UV protection:  Wearing sunglasses will protect you from these harmful ultraviolet rays. Make sure the sunglasses you buy have satisfactory UV protection. You can purchase authentic Locs gangster sunglasses Online via TShirtSale that offers 100% protection against UV radiation. Many people use polycarbonate lenses because they are natural UV filters and do not require additional coating.

Glare reduction: Reflected light puts heavy pressure on our vision. Surfaces such as snow and water can be very light and therefore very dangerous. Polarized lenses are very effective in blocking out the harsh glare of the sun.

These sunglasses have long been popular with sailors and anglers because they reduce reflective light from the water. All outdoor enthusiasts can benefit from wearing them. Cataract sufferers and people who are light-sensitive also wear polarized sunglasses to soften the bright light in the room.

Eye safety: Dust and dirt entering the eye can cause a corneal abrasion. Wind can cause contact lenses to dry out and tears to evaporate, making the eyes dry and uncomfortable. All these problems can be avoided by wearing sunglasses. If you are exposed to wind particles, polycarbonate goggles are recommended.