Unbelievably there are literally hundreds of free online car auction sites that can help you to either sell or buy your car

Some of the websites are in fact free online car auction sites to the buyers as only the sellers are asked to pay advertising fees or a percentage of the sales value of the vehicles sold.

Other sites are in fact free for the seller as there are no advertising fees and the buyer pays the site's commissions (if any). It will be a challenge to find a completely free online car auction and this is normal – these sites should make a profit too.

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Here are some of the most popular free online car auction sites – this should cut the time required to research and get you straight to the point.

The most popular online auction is on the Internet and it is highly recommended online car auction as well. However, if you are specifically looking for a free online car auction is not what you are seeking.

There are some fees you will be asked to pay in case you are selling your car. On the other hand, car buyers are in perfect position, as there are no costs involved in the buying process.

Just do a simple search and you will find thousands of free online car auction sites. However, check all terms and conditions of each specific site you are about to use. Sometimes the services are advertised as free but there are hidden costs.

It is best to go to a well-known and approved the site and pay some fees than trying to save a few bucks and attend unreliable "free" online car auction sites.