Are you going to camp? What sleeping bags are best for camping, hiking or backpacking? Here is a guide to making your decision easier.

First, it must at least be rated for the lowest possible temperature that you encounter. You might want to be a little lower just to be on the safe side. You may try using Aegismax outdoor ultra-light goose down sleeping bag.

Aegismax Sleeping Bag Review

Obviously the main goal is to hold your body heat to protect you from the cold. So, the better the insulation holding your body heats in the warmer and more comfortable you will be.


Lower – layers of filament and hairy under the fur.

Positive: All the same down warmer, lighter, more comfortable, smaller compresses, and can last a lifetime if treated properly. Goose down is a standard compared to others. The more attics the better it isolates. This is known as fill power, the higher the number the better it retains heat.

Negative: It loses most of all insulation properties when wet, takes a long time to dry outside, is short-term more expensive, and may require professional cleaning.

Synthetic – These are usually hollow plastic threads that function to trap warm air.

Positive: Synthetic sleeping bags hold heat better when wet, short-term costs less when compared to the same temperature rating as down, dry out faster than down, and hypo-allergic. Usually suitable for recreational use, but consider your personal needs.

Negative: They are bigger, heavier, less suitable, and can lose their insulating properties after several difficult seasons of use due to damage. Long term is more expensive.