In the USA, we have several traditions. These include playing baseball, eating barbecued hot dogs, and best of all–camping! For some, only an RV will do when it comes time to hit the woods, but for the true camper, this can only be accomplished in tents.

By shopping around, you can find the best deal for your money and space requirements. Designs abound that offer not only plenty of legroom but also room to store your gear and keep it safe from animals and insects. You can buy best surplus tents online.

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One less thing to worry about is keeping you safe from the wind and rain with windproof and waterproof choices. If your party is larger, with between two and four people, you can look through several nice designs from dome models to regular square types.

These offer great lounging places during the day or night for everyone in your party, no matter if you're on vacation or camping out of necessity. They are also able to be put up on the side of a mountain if need be, depending on the camping location.

More and more, they are including things such as power cord outlets, better fitting walls, and screen windows that offer shade and wind protection at the same time.  You also have a choice between fiberglass and aluminum metal supports to make sure you have the right type of poles.