This is one of the essential components needed for the functioning of the printer. Different printers require different types of cartridges. Currently, printers are used in most corporate offices and homes.

Because printers are needed in every office, there are lots of variations available in many online and offline stores. Similarly, there are various types of printer cartridges too.

But it is necessary to choose the appropriate type of printer cartridge so that the printer functions correctly. You can buy markem imaje ink for better printing services.

Different Types of Printer Cartridges

The two most commonly used printers include inkjet printers and laser printers. Inkjet printers are undoubtedly the most common printers and are widely used in most offices and homes. This printer uses ink cartridges while the laser printer uses laser cartridges for efficient functions.

However, there are three types of printer cartridges that are popularly used for various purposes. This includes the following:

OEM Cartridges: Original Equipment Manufacturers are one of the oldest and most used cartridges. This cartridge is known for its superior quality and brand name.

OEM cartridges usually carry manufacturer's brand names such as Epson, Canon, and so on. Even though these printer cartridges are expensive, they guarantee better quality prints and efficiency.

Reconditioned cartridge: This cartridge is known for its efficiency even though it is a recycled product. Remanufactured cartridges are available in varieties of inkjet and toner. The use of such cartridges is known to be environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

Compatible cartridge: This printer cartridge is the same as an OEM cartridge but is cheaper. It doesn't carry any brand names but is as effective and efficient as other cartridges. Compatible cartridges are considered the best alternative for OEM cartridges.