Direct to garment printing (DTG) is a relatively new garment printing process that allows full-color printing directly onto garments without the need for screens, transfer, or sublimation technique.

DTG printers are garment printers which, are at a very basic level, an inkjet printer usually based on the principle of Epson printers and they work the same way as the one that sits on the desk printing invoices.

A tray holding the plate where t-shirts are placed and which then moves under the print-head is similar to the way the paper moves through the printer. You can know about DTG custom printing from various online sources.

It has some minor limitations in the speed department but, nevertheless, still produces full-color prints in a relatively short time.

close-up of a full-color t-shirt being printed on a direct to garment printer

Why use it?

This is a great alternative to the standard screen printing where the screen must be made before work can begin. This is a nice alternative to the transfer printing where the number of early often have larger to make them more cost-effective.

We would recommend the White 100% Cotton T-Shirts as the best medium. Especially good finishes have been found in the Blue max and Gildan brand. But T-shirts and Polo shirts can also be successful. The key is to test each garment until you are satisfied with the print finish.

In conclusion

Direct to garment printing allows personalized t-shirts to be produced cost-effectively on a one-off event, or for customers who do not require a large amount of clothing.