The Marvel Crisis Protocol is an exciting tabletop game from Atomic Mass Games featuring cards and printable, minor characters from the Marvel universe. 

It is a 2-player tablet game with an average playtime of 90 to 120 minutes. Your Marvel Crisis Protocol set out on a mission and the two squads first complete their missions to complete. 


For the protection of large character state cards, the BCW recommends 4X6 top loaders. Simply slide the card into the top loader to keep the card in its new position. 

Character state cards are two-sided (healthy stats on one side and injured stats on the flip side), so both sides will appear when inserted into the clear top loader. Also, one still needs to accept the game for what it is. 

It is evolving in terms of an excellent competitive skirmish but still feels a lot more concerned with being a Warmahordes game of subtle positioning and higher-level games, as it really feels like a simulation of comics and movies.

Unleash the power of the cosmic cube with the Red Skull and provide the very fabric of reality around your enemies. These characters are as powerful as even they are able to win the day alone. 

You are going to lead them to victory because winning will take longer than blowing the competition to dust. Each Crisis Protocol battle will require clever tactics and careful tactics to achieve a dynamic set of objectives set at the beginning of the game.