You will need to choose the one that suits your budget, home terrain, and climate. While solar heating systems are reliable and efficient, relying on the system alone to keep your pool warm without adding in additional help is not the best way to go.

A solar heating system for your pool can be a great addition to your pool. It is also a beautiful, clean, and green way to heat your pool. Reliable solar covers are every homeowner’s need as these covers provide ultimate protection to their pools. These covers can generate heat inexpensively. 

A Solar pool cover This is the perfect way to increase the power of your solar heating system and keep your pool warm in the water.

What is a solar swimming pool cover? How are they different from conventional pool covers?

These pool covers have a solar heating ability built into them. They cover a large area of the pool (i.e. Your pool also has solar heat absorption properties). The solar pool cover heats the pool and transfers it to the water below. 

This means that the temperature of the water entering the solar collector will be slightly warmer at the start of each day. Even if you're a bit cold water phobic, going for a morning swim in the early morning will still be enjoyed long into the winter months.