Infrared sauna blankets are portable heating pads that could be kept on the bed or on the table. It is the first choice of professionals like massage therapists, chiropractors, energy workers, physical therapists, pain specialists and other related therapists. 

The magic of a sauna blanket is so special that it removes stress and tension from mind and body and works best for people who just want a healing bed for overall health and well-being. It warms and stimulates the body and relaxes tired muscles. 

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The projection through amethyst crystals enables the infrared blanket to penetrate deeper into the body and give a more relaxing effect than any regular sauna. You could readily buy an amethyst crystal mat online for a better living.


  • Pulls acidic waste out of the body

  • Fight headache and indigestion

  • Acts as a great antioxidant

  • Creates an internal environment that keeps bacteria, inflammation and diseases away

All the above-mentioned factors are something which you may experience on a regular basis. It is important to completely eradicate the problems with a permanent solution. 

That is why it is much better to be on the ball and get a bio-mat and Alkali-life 7000sl water ionizer for a healthy living that lasts throughout; rather than relying on unfaithful means that only help maintain a short-lived healthy life.