If you drive a vehicle that has a turbocharged engine you may have noticed that your exhaust tips are significantly more dirty then a vehicle with a naturally aspirated engine. The reason why the exhaust tips on a vehicle of this type get so dirty is due to the rich air to fuel ratio produced by the additional air the turbo charger forces into the cylinders of the engine. Excess fuel that makes its way down the exhaust pipes can sometimes ignite and explode in the tailpipes creating a nasty buildup of carbon and hydrocarbons leading to extremely dirty and blackened exhaust tips on the back of a sports car. If this has happened to you, perhaps you've tried washing off the black build-up on your exhaust pipes while washing your car using a simple car wash soap and mitt. If you have tried this you probably quickly realized that it was going to take something much more powerful than a simple automotive detergent to clean the exhaust tips on your car.

Often times when people are searching for how to clean the exhaust tips on their car they believe they will need some sort of expensive and specific cleaner sold at an automotive parts store. Some people even think that in order to get the exhaust tips on their car clean they will need to pay an automotive detailing expert a lot of money to take care of the problem, but this is simply not the case. Matt from TailHappyTV recently posted a video to his YouTube channel explaining how to clean exhaust tips on a vehicle without having to buy any special products at the automotive store, nor pay an automotive detailing professional to clean the exhaust pipes of the car. The method that TailHappyTV explains in the YouTube video is simple to follow and can be done in under 15 minutes in your own driveway using common household cleaning products that you might find under the kitchen sink. As long as you have a few minutes of time and a little bit of patience you can learn how to clean the exhaust tips of your car following the advice in Matt's video on TailHappyTV.