An AED, or Automatic External Defibrillator, is a portable device that delivers electrical shocks to the heart of someone suffering from sudden cardiac arrest. The shock can stop irregular heart rhythms and restore normal rhythm in a sudden cardiac arrest situation. This device allows people to respond in an emergency situation when defibrillation may be necessary.

The AED has a built-in computer that can check the victim's heart rhythm using adhesive electrodes. The computer then calculates and informs you if defibrillation may be required. They are safe to use and can help you navigate the rescue process. This is how Online AED exercise can help you, and more importantly, to the sudden cardiac arrest victims.

online AED training

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  • It is highly recommended that anyone who may use an AED be able to recognize the signs of sudden heart arrest and when to activate it. Also, keep up to date with any AED training updates.
  • AED operators should also be trained on how to use AEDs in an emergency. This will allow them to operate the AED safely and prevent any potential dangers.
  • Although sudden cardiac arrest can happen at any time and anywhere, it is important that as many people as possible are certified in AED. CPR training will ensure that everyone stays calm in an emergency situation.
  • AEDs shock the heart to restore normal rhythm. The AED analyzes your heart rhythm and lets you know if a shock is recommended.
  • You must push the button to deliver a shock to a patient suffering from sudden cardiac arrest.
  • To ensure the device is always available to save lives in case of sudden cardiac arrest, you should conduct a compliance check on a regular basis. The device should always be checked regularly, regardless of whether you are the first aid in your workplace.