Horses are extraordinary animals that can be kept as pets and as friends at work. So many people in rural areas use horses to gather their flocks and roam around the land to inspect their property. Horses are very reliable, fast, strong and sturdy. The problem is, many people misinterpret this quality and they tend to ignore their needs.

They also need adequate food, vaccinations, and care. This is why it is important for owners to have horse supplements to give them good nutrition.

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One must first understand the diet, habits, and requirements of a horse. They must be able to eat or graze grass whenever they want.

They must always have plenty of clean water whenever they need it. In some places, there may be a shortage or lack of straw and this is a good enough reason to provide horse supplements by vaccination.

Horse food in a day can consist of grass, straw and grain concentrate. There are also commercially prepared foods in the form of pellets. There are some who are very susceptible to being fat.

Experienced drivers will tell you that they have to be fed three times a day. However, if horses roam freely in the meadow, then there is no need to monitor their feeding time. Sometimes, water intake must be limited if there are problems with horse health.