Hair fall is becoming common now in every age of people. Men and women both are victims of hair loss. There are many reasons which contribute to hair thinning and baldness. 

Due to rising cases of hair loss, there are advanced treatments available that are effective in getting back hair like hair transplantation. Women are the most victims of hair fall. You can get to know more about hair transplantation for ‘hair loss in women through’ (which is known as ‘hårtap hos kvinner gjennom’ in the Norwegian language).

Some reasons for hair loss are described below:

Long Term Diffuse

Diffuse hair loss is your principal problem which trichologists discovered more in girls instead of male patients. For long term weight loss reduction, nutrient deficiency is by far the most frequent trigger and trichologists will attempt to pinpoint by appearing at particular symptoms and other indications.

hair transplantation in Norway

There are several other deficiencies including calcium, potassium, magnesium which is responsible for this occurrence and when there’s higher ingestion of aluminum consumption in your body it contributes to dry skin.

Alopecia Areata

Characterized by aggressively defined circular patches of hair thinning, which may happen immediately, alopecia areata is one of main cause for the reduction of hair in girls. There are particular surgical remedies that are required to take care of this occurrence in girls, where outcomes which may or maybe not be irreversible. 

Among the commonest causes of this temporary reduction of hair is anxiety. The loss of hair may occur when nerve cells around the hair follicles may get stressed, since this may make the hair dull and dead, eventually forcing them to collapse.