What attracted us to paintball? I did some research online and asked my "paintball addicted" friends for answers. But before I would like you all to know that now you can play paintball safely with your kids as well if you navigate to these guys

What to Wear Paintballing - The Paintball Professor

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When I ask my friends about paintball, I found the following:-

The first friend I asked told me that paintball is a character-building sport. Players learn to work in teams, gain confidence and develop leadership skills while having fun and relieving stress. Companies are increasingly finding the benefits of having employees and management participate in the game of paintball. 

They played paintball when he was in school to become a cop. They gain experience with the use of weapons and learn about teamwork and leadership. Paintball is also used as an exercise in the army.

Another friend explained to me that paintball is a great sport and most importantly it's fun! This is an opportunity to give up your daily duties and renew your spirit of adventure. When the adrenaline starts to pump, you will definitely enjoy the fun of the game! 

After a long week of routine work, he often played on the weekends. He said it would take the stress out of his weekly job and allow him to have fun with his friends.

Several other friends were more enthusiastic about the "warlike" aspect of the game. The first says that you can shoot things like war on people, hide, and use tactics. 

However this cannot kill you, but it can cost you a hit if you are hit so you can't do stupid things. Paintball is pretty good, you have to try and then make up your mind.