Cold laser treatment, also known as low-level laser treatment, is a therapy that is used to relieve pain, heal wounds and bones, remove scars and pimples. 

According to the research, cold laser therapy uses light to repair tissues faster. The procedure for cold laser treatment is used to promote the body's natural healing processes.

How it Works

Different wavelengths of light at particular intensities have a great impact on tissue regeneration, inflammation, and pain. The laser is conducted across the affected region. 

Since the cold laser is used within the entire body, the body's cells have been vulnerable to photon energy, which then increases the body's metabolism. It also assists the growth of muscle and bone tissues, improves blood flow.

Cold Laser In the form of Acupuncture 

Cold lasers can also be used as a form of acupuncture without using needles. The light stimulates the acupoints of the human body, hence, raising blood circulation without any pain.

Many men and women feel nothing but a short tingle in the use of this laser. There might be a little irritation, but no severe pain.

Could Be Performed Yourself

You can also purchase laser light for home use. It is very simple to use. It saves your time and effort of visiting a hospital as you can use it yourself.