The oregano, cheese, herbs,  black pepper, rock salt, pork, fish, corn, garlic, and ginger, are some most common ingredients that are used for making traditional Italian food. From risotto to rotting, from soup to sauce, Italian food is a favorite worldwide. The real Italian food is prepared with the proper balance of ingredients, so that delicious food can be made.


Here are some ingredients without which the real Italian foods are incomplete 

Olive 0il: Many Italian recipes are cooked in olive oil because olive oil is good for health and gives food a great taste.  It imparts traditional Italian flavor. 

Bocconcini cheese: This is a form of mozzarella cheese that is immature and soft. Bocconcini cheese looks like small cheese balls that originated in Naples.  It is used in many Italian recipes. and is popularly known for its melting properties. Bocconcini cheese balls are usually served with salad. It is a dairy product but good enough to keep the heart-healthy. 

Parmigiano Reziano and Grena di Padano: They are an old bread with a sharp taste and a tough feel. They are an exceptionally grating item for both pasta and risotto, and also quite an excellent table thing. 

Sun-dry berries: Sun-dry berries have been used in various traditional Italian dishes. They are mixed with garlic, oregano, chili flicks, and herbs to enhance the taste of pasta and fruit salads.