The goals of Real Estate Asset Protection are:

1. Keep the ownership of the real estate anonymous. Anonymous Panama Corporations and Anonymous Panama Foundations do this extremely well; in fact better than any other jurisdiction we are aware of. Anonymous ownership of real estate lawyer reduces your profile as a target for lawsuits and collection attorneys can not go after something they do not know even exists.

2. A structure of anonymity may not be practical. The next best option is to remove the attachable equity by using lawful mortgages and other encumbrances that are filed locally by anonymous Panama Corporations, Foundations.


3. Only use a Law Firm to protect your assets. You will not be able to access attorney client privilege. The court that owns the real estate should not have access to the law firm. 

4. The asset protection structure is a last resort, but it can still be a valuable option. It should be presented to your financial adversaries as so difficult, onerous and confusing, time-consuming, expensive, and costly that they will agree to a settlement for only a fraction of the debt. This is a positive outcome that allows you to keep your property and settle the outstanding debts for pennies per dollar. It's a way to avoid bankruptcy,