The general understanding and consciousness of health are expanding fast since the last few decades; courtesy to the education and allied curriculums that lay emphasis on the basal concepts like health, hygiene, nutrition, immunity, and such others. There are many professional natural health product regulations that provide natural health products in Canada.

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The generations are at least learning about these parameters of life and health. But unfortunately, we are lagging behind in the adoption of best and healthy practices. Sometimes the transition seems to be impractical because the constraints have become very strong. 

All this points to the inability to make the transition to the best practices like organic agriculture. In view of such gaps in moving to better processes and lifestyles what appears feasible is to add additional supplements in our food. 

Fortification of cereals and iodized salt could be called as the best examples! However, these limited practices cannot be the substitutes for what we consume in our food spectrums today! The biasing still remains. 

Herbal Ayurvedic remedies for day to day problems

The general health products in Ayurveda also include those which are developed to offer relief in common illness and conditions like headache, cold and fevers. Most of us suffer from these and as stated above, the reduced immunity in modern generations make children and young more susceptible towards these conditions. 

Ayurveda offered medicines for these day to day illnesses and more significantly, these medicines are derived from some essential ingredients of nature rather than chemicals. The herbal cough and cold remedies make use of spices, herbs, and rasayans that boost the immunity from within.