Scales are used to measure the weight of people and objects, small and large, of different sizes. There are a number of brands on the market, some established, some new. 

A number of consumer surveys of various brands have been conducted by institutions such as Digital and different brands have been rated as the best scales on the market.

Mettler Toledo is a very large brand of jewelry and legal scales, so much so that The Mettler Name is the brand name for legal gold scales. Many jewelry makers use the term Mettler scales to refer to jewelry scales. You can also find mettler toledo precision scales and balances from Libertyscales.

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Ohaus is one of the best and oldest brands. Ohaus started with mechanical scales like the famous Ohaus Triple Beam and started selling digital scales in the 1990s. 

The LS-200 was their first commercial success and was later replaced by the CS-200. Ohaus was bought by Mettler Toledo a few years ago. Ohaus continues to produce scales of the highest quality such as the new B. Pro series.

In laboratories around the world, Mettler Toledo instruments provide outstanding results with scales accurate to 0.0000001g. The line of weights and balancers includes mass comparators, automatic dosing systems, load modules, and more. 

However, they produce more than just laboratory scales. They equip the laboratory with analytical tools such as titrators, ISE electrodes, meters, pipettes, and nozzles, as well as all kinds of sensors for process analysis.