If you need to translate your legal documents, you should not only entrust it to any translator, but also to an authorized translation service provider. Legal documents such as patents and briefings are very important. Putting it in the wrong hands, even for translation, can have a negative impact on your life or work. 

Regular translation service providers usually do not have a regular confidentiality clause, which is an agreement between the translator and the translation company that data is shared between them. 

Due to the complicated aspects involved in legal documents, this clause should always be added when signing a contract with a permissible translation service; This is for your protection and safety. 

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In addition to regular confidentiality clauses, you should do some research on the employees of the company you are hiring. Technical documents are quite complicated to process because of the technical terms used. 

Legal abstracts contain a lot of legal terms, and patents often contain technical terms that can be complicated for a casual translator to translate with 100 percent accuracy. When translating legal documents, an expert in the field must be present to assist the translator in translating technical terms. It is even better if there are experts who are also translators to translate patents related to their fields.