When reviewing and buying a new camping tent, there are a few things to keep in mind. You need to find features that you will enjoy and use for years to come. Making an early decision about your new tent budget will greatly limit your options.

Once you've considered your budget, it's time to analyze the features of camping military tents in your price range. Let's continue with a look at the main features of your new tent.

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Size: The size of the tent is probably the most important decision when buying a new tent. Tent capacity is based on the total square meter of how many adults and medium-sized gear can fit in it. One that will hold all your gear and is the right size for the number of people who will occupy it is the right size for you.

Weight: The weight of your tent is usually only an issue if you're backpacking or hiking. Your skills may also depend on other campers and your tent material. Fabric tents are much heavier than nylon tents and may require additional assistance or a stronger assembly. 

Tent fabric: There is a lot of debate about which fabric is best for a camping tent. Canvas has been used for over a hundred years and is a good and popular choice for many people. Nylon is relatively new compared to canvas, but you will find that most tents are made from it for several reasons, one for weight and the other for price.