Producing high-quality projects depends on many factors, and maintaining control over quality while also sticking to the time scale and budget are challenges that every project manager must face.

Knowing how to control the quality of your project from the start is very important in achieving excellence, so with that in mind, these five steps will help you produce high-quality projects over time. You can learn the fundamentals of project auditing from various online sources.

Step 1: Make a strong project plan

Before you start anything, you must implement a well thought out project plan. The way you achieve this depends on your own project management style, but the key factor is making sure you have included all the submissions, timeframe, and budget in your plan, and also built-in some room to maneuver.

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Step 2: Develop appropriate communication

No matter how good your project plan is, or how tight your schedule is, poor communication with stakeholders and other team members can easily be the downfall.

Step 3: Manage your stakeholders effectively

To manage your stakeholders properly, you need to define who they are and how they are involved with the project. This might include sponsors, clients, managers, the general public and more.

Step 4: Measure well, and measure often

It's important to understand from the outset what the results and outputs of your project are, and how you will measure whether this has been delivered.

Step 5: Review constantly and take action on the results

A good project manager will carry out regular and timely progress reviews, comparing them with their plans, schedules, and budgets. The review process must allow problems to be effectively identified, and offer opportunities for team members to learn and grow from results.