Tents come in all shapes and sizes. Try to determine if you need only a small tent that can fit several people or if your needs run more towards 10 tents. Tent borrowed from friends or family can help you find out if you really want a tent, and what might the tent needs. You can find sellers online who offer sale of Base-X tent 305 (18′ X 25′) online. 

A good tip is to try to find at the end of the season or even off season when stores are trying to inventory changes. Many times you can find people who stopped were very good, but at a substantial discount. Also keep in mind that if a part, such as poles or stakes, which is missing from the discount or used they can be replaced at most outdoor stores.

Another good source is to utilize military surplus store. It is possible you can find surplus military tents there or other camping equipment that may be of interest to you.

Finally, you can also try to find a quality tent that is used through the sales page, newspaper classifieds, auction sites such as eBay, estate sales, Craigslist and garage sales. Be careful when buying used, but do not overlook this option because it can provide deeper discounts on quality brands.

No matter the reason behind the purchase of tents to try to find the best deal is always in season. Camping is a fun way for everyone to enjoy being outside in the fresh air. Tents can make camping more accessible to individuals who are interested in getting into the great outdoors, but want the security of the shelter as well.