Despite being the best Smartphone available today it still has one major problem which is faced together by all the other smartphone's the reduction in battery power is once a person starts to use it continuously for hours.

Surfing on the web, gaming, watching the video and using different apps greatly reduces the battery power and it becomes increasingly irritating to recharge the phone every now and then. If you want to get more information regarding custom battery packs then you can navigate to

To reduce the task of continuously charging the battery many alternatives are available, one of them being the iPhone 5 External Battery Pack. These battery packs are small, portable and highly reliable while travelling or for business.

The 5000mAh double USB external battery pack is the best battery pack available today which is specially designed for iPhone. The battery charger is small has a sleek design and it can work with all the dock connectors available.

This portable iPhone battery charger offers the advantage of long standby time for iPhone thus eliminating one's concern about the lack of power or while travelling for business.

The charger also provides an option of fast charging during an emergency and is compatible in all phone modes.

This charger comes with additional features such as intelligent protection which includes overload, smart charge and discharge detection, short circuit and protection against lightning. This is an affordable battery pack and can be used anywhere in the world.