Before you can even start to contact and compare home inspection businesses, your first objective is to procure a listing of potential home inspector candidates by a trusted and trustworthy source.

The fantastic first option to consider for getting a list of titles would be the nationally recognized institutions that lots of home inspectors belong to. You can choose the best home inspector in San Antonio, TX through the internet.

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Referrals From Trusted Sources

Another good source of names to consider are referrals from trusted family members, friends, and co-workers you have grown to respect over time, not to mention your attorney.

In fact, real estate attorneys are usually very discriminating when it comes to recommending a home inspector who will serve their clients' best interests, and not the Realtor's, during the real estate transaction process.

Sources To Exclude

Unless a realtor happens to be in the family or a very close friend with your best interests at heart, all other realtor referrals should be considered suspect and disregarded making sure that none have since found their way onto your list.

 As for relying upon the phone directory, this is paramount to rolling dice or looking for a needle in a haystack and is definitely not the way to go about finding a good home inspector.