If you want to maintain a lifestyle while traveling, then you should eat healthy food. We all know that it can mean disaster for any attempt to have a healthy diet.

But it doesn't have to be like that. Thanks to consumer demand from millions of people like you who want to eat healthy fast food, you can now find health-conscious food on many menus. You can easily get Applebee’s menu with prices.

In addition, you can learn to take traditional fast food and order it so that you can dramatically reduce calories and fat. Here are some simple rules to remember when you drive to the order screen:

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1) Avoid sauce or ask from the side. If you can order chicken, fish or beef without mayonnaise, you will do your best for yourself. The same is true for the other sauces that are on your sandwich. It's full of calories.

2) Grilled chicken is always a good choice. If you make a decision about a sandwich, avoid foods that are crispy, fried, or breaded. Grilled chicken choices almost always have fewer calories and fat. If you can go without sauce, use the low-fat option for sauce, or get it from the side you really like!

3) Salad doesn't get you anywhere if you hold it with high fat sauce. Many people make the mistake of assuming only eating salad means you eat healthily. That is not true. You should use low-calorie salads (any salad with fried chicken or smoked meat on it is not allowed), and you should always look for low-fat sauces.