Oyster include an alien object with beautiful layers of nacre. In order to defend itself against foreign bodies, the creature produces secretions to cover the external object. Many have thrown off the cover layer to the irritant, making the last round and smooth. Natural pearls thus generated.

Cultured pearl, on the other hand, is formed by artificially introducing a foreign object called core-shell beads, to get oysters to produce the coating. In other words, beads placed inside the oyster shell, which is then put back into the water. You can buy Tahitian pearl sterling silver studs from various online sources.

When harvesting pearls, the nacre layer could be seen shimmering on beads. The outer surface of the cultured pearl is made of concentric layers of calcium carbonate and other organic substances. Once the concept was accepted, pearls become the preferred choice and accepted for pearl jewelry has become more affordable.

Freshwater pearls are cultivated in China, using freshwater mussels. South Pacific waters are home to large oysters that produce the famous South Sea cultured pearls and Tahitian black cultured pearls.

Pearls, like their natural counterparts, can be identified with a textured surface, flawless nacre and soft iridescence. Cultured pearl earrings are a favorite for many reasons because they are affordable and come in a variety of prices and colors. Rose-colored cultured pearl jewelry is very popular, but black, gray, blue-green and gold are also considered exotic and classy.