Keyless electronic locks are the next step in the door access control changes. These devices offer homeowners many benefits, including key control, security, and many more. People in Australia are also able to buy these keyless door lock via so as to get the proper safety of their homes.

Traditional locks have all the mechanical parts, and therefore are vulnerable to manipulation by tools. A qualified locksmith can open one of these doors in minutes. Certainly a locksmith is trained and has specialized tools to unlock them.

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An electronic lock has no parts exposed to be picked. To work around these types of locks that you need to hack the access credentials. Biometric security is nothing more than using a single physical feature to verify identity. It may be fingerprint pattern, hand geometry, face recognition, even the single model of the iris.

These devices can easily be fooled by a printing fingerprint. The problem is that if you cover your hands with gloves for all day then you will probably leave fingerprints that can be recovered later on. Keypad entry systems are much safer, especially those using a scramble buffer.

A keyboard input system can present a burglar with hundreds of thousands of possible input codes. These locks are more secure than fingerprint readers, but they also have some weaknesses. Professional thieves have been known to dust off the keyboard with UV powder invisible, back after you open your door and see what numbers were introduced. 

Another solution used by those who need a higher level of access control is the scramble buffer. These devices overcome the security threat mentioned, and many others of the same nature, by simply rearranging the order of the keyboard after each use. This works because the specific area of the touchpad can not be connected to a symbol.