Mortgage professionals have also benefited from this scenario, as the surplus available sparked new leads for direct mail marketing campaigns. While the trigger lead is a valuable resource to find borrowers who are looking to refinance their loans, factors such as the timeliness of the ad, and a strong sales force, which is necessary for success.

Trigger leads are made when one is looking to take a loan or refinance an existing one and have withdrawn their credit. The database compiled and sold to mortgage professionals well as mail or telephone data. Trigger leads are available as either daily, weekly list, or monthly, with a higher premium based on the daily trigger because of their timeliness. You can acquire the top mailing services through

Trigger leads have the potential to be highly reliable in finding interested prospects refinancing now. They have recently had their credit pulled in mortgage stores compete to find out about refinancing. A direct marketing mail campaign using trigger leads can be an effective method to store a mortgage to get a consistent flow of customers.

Mortgage store looking for the market to trigger leads need to find a mortgage marketing company that is able to respond in a timely manner with direct mail advertising targeted to candidates before they signed with the store where they pulled out their credit.

With punctuality be such a big factor for the success of using trigger leads, a mortgage marketing company should be able to handle all marketing campaigns in-house. Outsourcing is something of printing, mailing, list purchasing data (trigger lead), or advertising design, will add to the time and money into the campaign, which can ultimately be the deciding factor between a successful direct mail marketing campaign.