The decision of whether to buy a road bike or a mountain bike depends largely on what makes you comfortable and what you do best. When I decided to ride my bike, my friends at the office were mountain bikers and they made it a lot of fun.  To learn more information about mountain biking you may check here

How Do You Know Whether You Should Buy A Road Or Mountain Bike?

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Because of their training, my first bicycle was a mountain bike. Today, however, I am an avid roadie and I saw how long I lived on the streets.

My experience riding mountain bikes were very similar to my first skiing with my friends in college. They all enjoyed it and wanted me to try it. With their guidance, we went on my first ski trip.

They did their best to explain about skiing and even took me to rabbit trails for training. Now, it didn't take long and we were soon on the chairlift to the top of the mountain.

It was a beautiful winter day, fresh, sunny, cool, and with a clear blue sky. So I imagined what it would be like to ski and then it was time to get out of the chair. To say it is all here is an understatement.

Another friend of mine describes it as being pulled by a rope behind a car while others throw ice and cold water in your face. Putting me down is no fun for my friends, but there are enough good things about skiing that I would love to come back, but not with my friends.