Maybe you've just come up with a great t-shirt design idea, or you might think that there aren't enough designs that revolve around your favorite movie, TV show or anything else you want to be proud of. If you are serious about creating designs not only for yourself but also for sale, there are a few steps you need to take to make your idea a reality. You can buy the amazing and trendy augusta sportswear for yourself.

First, develop your design. Finding lots of options around an idea is a good place to start. Draw the basics of what you want to teach, then ask others to contribute. After all, you're trying to appeal to every audience that buys things, so your best critic is your coworkers. Also, think about what color the image will be and what colors are best suited for blank outfits. Image of your choice; Will the text be black or will it change depending on the color of the outfit? How many color combinations are you looking for?

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The next step is to buy a decent supply of blank shirts in bulk. Wholesale shopping is easy as there are many online stores that offer a wide selection. Think about your budget. Don't go crazy shopping for pants and panties just because the idea looks cool. Start with the shirt. This will minimize your workload and allow you to test how well your designs sell. The last thing you want is to order 100 pairs of pants and find that there is no demand at all. So start small.

The next step is to print these images onto your wholesale blank t-shirt. It's probably best to start by getting into a business that can do this for you. Don't spend money printing all your shirts now. First, print a dozen to test. If you later find that you are selling well, it might be worth investing in your own screen printing machine.