What shungite water?

Shungite water is a common term used to describe water infused with shungite stones, including water that has been filtered with shungite water purifier specifically or directly taken from Lake Onega, shungite deposits in the world.

Shungite-filtered water is safe to drink without additional purification processes such as boiling or chemical treatment. You can also look for shungite home water infusion kit online.

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Some cities in Karelia using shungite water purification to treat their local tap water. Shungite to clean water and neutralize impurities. It is highly absorbent, enough to attract contaminants from water. Also, when placed in water, fullerenes attract and eliminate waterborne contaminants.

Shungite rock named after a village in Russia called Shunga. Geologists have identified as a form of carbon but otherwise struggled to determine the molecular structure. Not showing signs of crystallization as other natural forms of carbon such as graphite or diamond.

Shungite stones were first discovered in the Russian Republic of Karelia in the eighteenth century. A large deposit located in Zazhoginskoye, a field which is located about two kilometers away from Lake Onega.

There are two types of shungite. Elite or noble shungite contains up to 94% carbon, while regular black shungite contains 64% carbon. Russia has long been considered a stone shungite has a cleansing and refreshing power, after being used as a water purifier and disinfectant since the 1700s.

Another interesting thing about shungite rock is that it contains trace amounts of fullerenes, the only form of carbon molecule. Fullerenes are known for their ability to conduct electricity, in addition to other chemical properties are not uncommon.