We all have junk. The average person is about 4.6 pounds of garbage throwing away the day. And all of that usually go into a plastic bag. You know, stick kind of forever. While scientists have tried to measure how long it takes for a traditional plastic garbage bag was broken, they do not, because it was never really.

Even if it is broken, small pieces linger that often find their way into the water supply and the ocean. It is eaten by marine life and work their way up the food chain and become human, thus contaminating our bodies. It's a nasty cycle and a major problem.

But even the average household, even one who would not call themselves green or environmentally friendly, can make a difference. If you are looking for high-quality trash bags, then you can also browse https://oxplastics.com/collections/trash-bags-by-thickness-4-mil.

Most of us opt for a sturdy plastic garbage bags and their comfort. They came sized to fit any garbage, and they did a good job containing garbage mess without leakage or odor.

This is good, but also causes problems when it comes time to dispose of the bag in a landfill. After all, what most of us throw away? kitchen waste and paper, which is biodegradable.

Some people may think that the paper bags, such as those from the grocery store, it would be a good alternative to the plastic. Paper, after all, is not destroyed. If the bag is destroyed, then the waste should break up too. But as most of us know, paper bags of garbage just does not cut it when it comes to keeping the messy, smelly garbage in its place.