One Special Case – A week or so ago I was investigating a suburban mall when I decided to buy a loaf of bread for lunch. While I was walking on the street, I came to the supermarket. Then I saw a small bakery on the other side. So I went to the bakery: "Whole wheat bread, please." I had promised to buy bread just by walking through the door. Price is not important to my buying decision, it is another. This "something else" is perception. Your customers' perceptions may be more important than your price.

That's why there are some companies that provide software for 3d product configurators so that a customer can experience a real-world product. To know Why customer perception matters and how to improve it, read the article carefully.

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It doesn't matter what you wear. The customer's perception of your price is important. If customers feel that the price is too high compared to the value assigned for a product or service, they will not buy. If they think the price is too low, they shouldn't buy – because they are suspicious of the quality of the price. The price may not feel right.

The customer's perception of "fair price" is more important than what you want to ask for your product or service. And customers decide what is appropriate based on the perceived price-performance ratio and not based on price. This creates a perception of value that tells the customer the price is right. I firmly believe that in the long run, adding perceived value to your product is always better than lowering the price.

Today's consumers are smarter, have more disposable income, and more choices than ever before. The key to selling lies in communicating VALUE! Make it difficult on yourself … so that the price seems reasonable for the product or service you offer.

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