Working 9 – 5 can be tiring enough without adding the pressure of looking fashionable into the mix. Many women simply do not have the time to plan their outfits in advance and therefore opt for plain, simple outfits that don't reflect their true personality.

However, looking stylish at work needn't be a difficult task. From the ideal skirt to the trusted shirt, read our tips below on the five wardrobe essentials every working lady needs to stay effortlessly chic at the office. Now days to promote the company tshirts, shirts, caps etc. are worn by the employees.

A-Line Dress

An A-line dress is a style that is fitted at the waist and then progressively widens at the hem, or in other words one that has a fitted top half and flared bottom. It is one of the most popular dress styles as it offers a flattering silhouette and is easy to wear with other garments.

A simple A-line dress works perfectly as a canvas for your office look. You can checkout to buy customized promotional clothes.

Mixing and matching your favorite cardigans and skinny belts can help provide different combos to wear with this perfect go-to dress.

V-Neck Sweaters

A v-neck sweater refers to its V shaped neckline. It is a knit garment and is typically worn over a shirt or vest. Whilst you can purchase them in a range of colors, neutral shades are best suited to the working environment.

Having a good quality v-neck sweater in your closet is highly useful, as it can be paired with both skirts and trousers. A simple lace black camisole worn beneath a taupe v-neck can make a classy yet understated work outfit.

The Fitted Blazer

A fitted blazer is a lightweight jacket, which has notched lapels. It's stylish and smart when worn over a shirt or blouse and some tailored trousers.