Improving the shape of your nose is the most famous plastic surgery. There are a few important things to consider before doing this like the cost of nose job surgery, post nose job surgery, is it Medical or Cosmetics? 

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If it's medical then you have no choice. You will need a nose job and your nose surgery doctor will instruct you on what to do. When it comes to looks, you have options and a few things to think about.

Surgery: Due to the shape and characteristics of the nose, nose jobs are the most complex cosmetic surgery. Slightly deviating from the path can change or cancel out the difference in your appearance. Because of this, much of the work on the nose requires a second operation or revision, even with very good surgeons.

Cost: The average cost of a nose job in San Francisco is $ 6,000. The extras must be accounted for lost work time, drugs, possibly overwork if work is not working properly. Employer insurance covers nose jobs for medical purposes, but not for cosmetic purposes. Be prepared to pay for it yourself.

Lifetime: Recovery usually takes a week or more. So expect to stay at home for up to 2 weeks while the swelling and bruising subside, the pain subsides, and breathing becomes more normal. During those 2 weeks, you will not be your best and should not be expecting it.

The best nose shape, in proportion to your other individual characteristics, will suit you best, even if it doesn't make you as pretty as Nicole. Many beautiful models and stars are still living in misery because their appearance has not been able to overcome the lack of sales.