Florist is a term used to describe the profession of trading flowers. It involves the care and handling of flowers, floral design, use of basic floristry tool kit and bridal flower crown design. People who work on the art of flowers are called florists. 

The primary task of a florist is to arrange flowers. Most florists sell from a selection of pre-arranged flower bouquets at fixed prices for people who simply want to walk in and purchase floral arrangements. 

They also work on individual orders where the order is prepared according to the customizations selected by the client. Arrangements may include fresh flowers, ribbons, bridal crowns,  dried flowers, foliage, other plant material, and other ornamental features.

Retail florists provide fresh flowers and related products and services to consumers. Florist shops and online stores are the main points, but some supermarkets and gas stations also treat flowers.

In general, a florist shop contains a wide variety of flowers, sometimes displayed in the street or a large plate glass window with flowers. Education of both formal and informal aspects of floristry is also important. Established florist designers and artists impart knowledge about their profession to students interested in floral design as a hobby or career.