There is a myth about executive training that it's about "fixing" behavior problems. Nothing could be further from the truth! Coaching is not consultation, counseling, or therapy. This is not about regretting the past that cannot be changed. It's about focusing on the future that can be changed. Have a look at this site if you are the search of executive coaching.

An executive coach is a skilled professional who develops an ongoing relationship with the client-leader and focuses on helping the individual to take action towards living the stated goals. A coach functions as a combination of a mentor, manager, personal trainer, and sports coach.

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A good coach does not provide solutions to clients. Instead, the trainer draws out a solution from the client. This helps leaders who have succeeded in achieving positive and lasting behavioral changes that allow them to change themselves and their teams, ultimately leading to better business outcomes overall.

Knowing that an executive coach can be an asset in developing leaders in your organization is one thing. Knowing how to choose a good coach is another.

Good chemistry is the key to success with an executive coach. A coach may have star credentials but may not be the right "fit" for the leader concerned. So, ask for a free trial session when you have narrowed your list of prospective trainers.