The trend of dried pampas grass in the home will not have escaped real interior fanatics. Pampas grass is an elegant ornamental grass with soft calm colors and contours. Not only does it look very nice in your interior; dried pampas grass does not need water and will last a long time.

So it is a decoration that you can make yourself happy with for a long time. Moreover, you can process it in your home in many ways. You can also buy 'large dried pampas grass online' (also known as 'groot gedroogd pampasgras online' in the Dutch language).

Dried pampas grass in your interior:

1. In a tall vase

You often see dried pampas grass in a large tall vase. Rightly so, because the high vase brings out the elegance of the pampas grass. It is a simple but beautiful way to fill in empty spots in your interior.

2. Decoration on the wall

It is also nice as decoration or art on the wall. For example in the form of a fan or together with dried flowers in a beautiful wreath. Hang this on the wall with a string or a nail and you have a very unique decoration.

3. Between the dried flowers

Dried pampas grass alone is beautiful, but you can also combine it very well with dried flowers in a bouquet. Dried flowers are also completely trendy and can be purchased in several places. Are you in a creative mood? Then you can dry flowers yourself.