If the company chooses the regular demolition service, locked boxes will be placed throughout the company site. Employees put sensitive documents in the box and the service picks up documents according to the service contract.

Claims can be weekly or monthly depending on the company's needs. Cleaning services are carried out once or twice a year depending on business decisions and take all documents to be destroyed at once.

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File computer file shredding destroys any deleted files left behind. After the files are deleted, the user will no longer see them, but some of them will remain on the hard drive.

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A person with technical knowledge can extract all or part of the deleted files. Therefore, computer file destruction is necessary for confidential documents stored on the computer.

The shredder writes one to three times to the data present in the file, three times being the safest. Some document shredder programs have additional security functions, e.g.

For example, cleaning up free space is used to delete the storage area of deleted files. The type of file shredder that companies need depends on the number of sensitive files that need to be destroyed.

Repetitive rewrites are time-consuming for longer files, so smaller businesses may not need the software to write sensitive data more than once.