Removal of trees is a skill and one that is very important to learn because if you do it right, you really can limit the life of the tree. Majestic trees and little understanding of their biology will help you manage it properly. Trees can not heal it like we did when we cut our skin.

When a tree is injured, the network does not fix itself, it does not cure, and not a reaction to the tree is to close the wound. Two things occur; the damaged area is compartmentalized and made a barrier zone around the wound. You can also get professional tree trimming in Long Island, NY by professional tree trimming experts.

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Trees do not heal from within, rather than outside callus tissue forms at the wound edges and eventually grow new wood, sealing it off from the pathogen.

Realistically, pruning trees for qualified arborists are trained people who manage and understand how to prune trees properly. They know how to handle their equipment properly and how to climb trees safely.

Pruning can create wounds and the idea is to make the smallest possible. Previously, we did not understand this and as a result many dead trees do not need the start of poor pruning techniques, cuts flush the main cause.

This creates a large wound, and many tree-lined streets are flush cut the early days and as a result, these large wounds infected with fungi, bacteria and insects. They have no natural defenses, because they have been removed in pieces flush.