Public art buyers are increasing 'time poor', so online sales are a natural development. As a necessary crime, traditional brick and mortar galleries have limited space on the walls to display artwork.

In contrast, even the smallest and simplest websites can easily host thousands of images and artwork, making it easier for potential buyers to browse their hearts. You can also sell art prints online.

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This also means that buyers no longer need to deal with persistent gallery owners and salespeople to make commissions from each sale. Instead, they can see as many pieces as they like while drinking coffee while relaxing!

Many artists have their own websites where they sell art online. Most of them started this business with the attitude "If I build it, they will come" and unfortunately this is not the way this business works.

Making your personal website stand out among the crowd of millions of other websites on the internet is hard work and not something that many people want to try to do because it can be difficult and time-consuming.

Over the past few years, many online galleries and artist portals have emerged, and they have been very successful in helping people sell the art online they have made. While some of them were formed to charge commissions like many in the field.

Galleries, others are funded by membership fees or flat rates per sale. There are various types of sales models, but with each of these comes a different level of quality control, another major concern for artists and buyers.