The problem is that our focus is out and we're stuck in persistent or deteriorating thoughts, emotions, wishes and behaviors and as a result of it we hurt ourselves and others. Life can be massive when we make efforts to overlook or control the things that come back to haunt us. 

When we are in conflict, unsure about our next move, we often feel paralyzed. Or we jump the track and act crazy. We unnecessary opt for new choices or repeat old offensive. We are actually experiencing a confusing situation in life and that's the problem.

10 Things To Remember When You're Feeling Stuck In Life

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Why Stuck so?

We're stuck because we do not manage to stay aware of what is really happening. Our powerful unconscious mind takes over and our thinking process converted wobbly. We can not see the truth of the situation and lose hope and passion for ourselves and even for others. 

Key to get freedom from this situation is: 

We are also able to get rid of this if we stay aware and off autopilot. Two keys to helping us. The first key is to stay aware of where we focus, how we feel, how we give a response. The second key is to observe the truth of the situation and take duty for our part in the problem. 

We can control our focus: 

Our creative spirit, aware of problem-solving can control the reactions of our body, emotions, thoughts, images in our mind, wishes and way of behaviors. When we are living in a conscious mind then we are always able to find the most appropriate answer to life means.