It is fair to say that the belt buckles men always the perfect combination of function and expression. Some may argue that the tie is a great way for men to express their style, but the bond does not really serve any other function than to compliment the shirt or dress.

It should suit your body type. If you are a strong individual, then a large buckle will look the best. If you have a small frame, it is the best small buckle. You can buy paracord hook from various web sources.

You will also want to make sure the buckle is the right size to fit your belt. There is no point in having a superb buckle on large tires if the buckle is not fastened belt and pants keep up. Next, select a buckle that has an adjustable closure.

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Belt buckles are reasonably priced, making it possible to have some designated for different occasions. Think about how and where you plan to wear the buckle, for example, choose a simple design for everyday use. Maybe something that reflects your favorite hobby, your profession or even military background.

Western belt buckle style is gaining popularity again, even among those who have never sat alone in the saddle. If you select a style buckle west as a fashion statement, pair it with jeans and a western-style shirt.

Wearing another way is inappropriate and may look as if you are 'pose'. Another style that makes coming back buckle is antique buckle bearing indications design of Spanish and Mexican culture. You may find people with a carved lady and a beautiful butterfly, or even turquoise stone set in the design.