In the construction of homes and offices, space is always one of the main considerations. Whenever possible, everyone would always save allocated space for devices such as storage cabinets and doors. There were as many models for doors that consume space as sliding and accordions. One of the models that have won for engineers and interior designers is the folding door.

One of the main benefits of folding doors is that these doors allow full access to an area, unlike sliding doors. Some of the most common applications of these doors include the separation of rooms that hide small areas such as laundry or the corner of the office.

When choosing folding doors, however, certain factors should be considered critically. One of these factors is the type of material. There are many materials used in the manufacture of these doors. The most common materials are aluminum, PVC and wood or wood. Although each of these different materials has unique characteristics, wooden doors have become the favorites of many. You can provide a creative approach for your home  by installing a Bifold door.

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Folding wooden doors are not only aesthetically beautiful; The varieties are great too. There are different types of wood options for wooden doors. Therefore, you can always choose the best color, grain, and type of wood that you find perfect for your room or space.

The second factor is the size and quantity of panels. The size of the door opening should be carefully considered since the size of the folding door depends. Sometimes it is the other way around, however, the dimensions of commercially available wooden doors are determined first before the size of the door opening.