Remodeling a bathroom generally entails buying a new bathroom. These days, there are lots of choices to pick from. Finding just the right one to purchase may seem more challenging than you believed but armed with the ideal information it's possible to approach the industry confidently. 

This useful guide will inform you about the assorted attributes to look at when purchasing a bathroom, a few design factors, and overall measurements so you will have the ability to select the ideal one for your house.


Most bathrooms for your house are One-Piece or Two-Piece versions.

A One-Piece version is merely a bathroom in which the bowl and tank have been fused. One-piece bathrooms usually cost more upfront and might be more costly to ship due to the awkward form. 

To get a Two-Piece bathroom, the bowl and tank are different from one another. They're more common, easier to the boat because both bits can be packed to a manageable form, and are easy to locate replacement components for. You can get a 2 piece toilet at

2 piece Toilets

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Bowl Shape

Elongated toilet bowls are excellent when the distance isn't a variable and several bathrooms arrive within this shape. However, for smaller quarters, like a half-bath, around the bathroom is the better option because of its space-saving measurements.

Toilet Height

The normal bathroom height is 14-15 inches but it's not unusual to see taller bathrooms of 16-17 inches today for taller individuals and individuals who might be emotionally challenged. For many people, the conventional height will probably be adequate. If you and your household are taller, then think about choosing the 17-inch models. Make certain to look at your local and state laws for the right dimensions.

Toilets today arrive with a range of water-saving conveniences and technologies. Search for bathrooms that have a Water Sense pub for preserving water.