Runners are always looking for ways to improve their performance without breaking the rules. More often than not there is no substitute for hard work and there are no shortcuts to improving performance. Having said that, there has been a lot of interest over the years in different features that can be built into running shoes to increase performance. Some of these have made it to market. Some of these that made it to market have since been banned or withdrawn as the market did not respond. A new shoe that has recently come on the market is the  Airia running shoe which the company claim can increase running performance and they have a study that demonstrates that that this is the case, however the study was done by the company and not an independent organisation. The Airia running shoe has two quite  distinct features. One of these is a forefoot slant or lateral wedge, meaning that the outside of the forefoot is higher than the inside of the forefoot. There is also quite a camber or toe spring in the front of the shoe. Both of these design features will affect the way the foot functions and the company claims will enhance performance. This certainly is some sound theory and a rationale as to how the shoes could enhance performance in some runners but maybe not in others. The shoe has not been on the market long and has not been tested independently yet. That will happen. The reception from the running community has certainly been to show interest in the shoe. The main problem with shoes like these is that they probably will enhance the performance of one runner and not another. That is just the way it is with most features built into running shoes, they do seem to help some and dont seem to help others, and may even interfere with performance in others. More research is needed to determine how different runners will respond to different features in different running shoes.