People are frequently taking up vaporizers which are much better than traditional cigarettes. Vaporizers or e-cigarettes are much in demand these days because of the multiple advantages they offer. No tobacco, no foul smell, no tar these are the factors that make rechargeable vaporizers a great choice over traditional cigarettes.

Vaporizers work by using a heating element that evaporates the e-juice solution. This vape heating element is called a cartomizer or atomizer. There are various best wax atomizers available in the market. This heating element is part of your vaporizers that holds and heats your e-liquid, wax or dry herb.

In other words, atomizers and cartomizers are devices that heat your e-liquid and deliver e-juice in a vapor form. While all these three devices perform the same function i.e. heating e-liquid to a temperature of vaporization. However, there are still some differences between these three heating elements.

They use a ceramic heating chamber where e-juice is heated. Usually, atomizers have a small capacity to contain e-juice and available in simple designs. They are best suited for dripping. People who wish to change various flavors of e-juices would favor atomizer because it allows them to switch e-juices quickly and easily.

However, if you vape a lot, this device may not be ideal as you would have to constantly refill it. Though atomizer is easy to refill for heavy vapers it may be a hurdle because they would have to refill it now and then. Moreover, you cannot gauge how much e-juice is left inside it.