Experienced smokers will encourage you to concentrate on the fermentation conditions and origin of the cigar when choosing the perfect smoke. However, shape, size, and composition are the three main variables that most people will look for when choosing a cigar.


Talking about the size of the cigar, it's the size of the circumference or ring and the length of the cigar. Cigar sizes are measured in 1/64 inch. You can also choose the best cigars for beginners via https://tabanerocigars.com/collections/cigars.

When choosing your cigar, you should look for the cigar with the largest size. A large ring means the cigar has a lot of filler that comes with both aroma and taste.


Cigars come in a variety of body shapes, from light, dark to medium. We all have different tastes, which means you should try different forms of cigars to see which one works best for you. The sweet stack is the best choice for those who prefer a lighter beer. 


Cigars come in two different forms; Figurado and Parejo. Parejo is a classic cigar with a rounded tip that needs to be cut and another open part to ignite. Most cigars fall into the category of parejos, but have a different aroma and taste.

Any cigar that doesn't have a rounded tip or classic Pareho shape falls into the figurado category. These cigars have a round appearance and are reduced with a sharpened point at the final end. Cigars have sharp edges to collect more smoke and assure you get the best taste when you smoke.