The use of oxygen as a treatment for several types of health issues has become very common nowadays. The growth of hyperbaric chambers is the way for the distinctive use of oxygen within the field of medicine.

Fundamentally, oxygen is used in that equipment with a force greater than atmospheric pressure to take care of DCS or more broadly known as decompression sickness. The entire process is known to be hbot therapy or hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

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A hyperbaric chamber is mainly used for the aforementioned purpose but it can also be used to take care of damages in the muscle tissue. As a result of this advantage, this medical equipment is often utilized to help enhance the muscle tissues of athletes in sports which require a great deal of physical activity.

The use of a treatment may also help prevent other health issues since it raises the overall oxygen level of their body at a particular pace. The increase of oxygen within the body also helps slow down the aging process.

On the other hand, the lack of oxygen in the body might be quite harmful and is discovered to be the cause of many health ailments. 

Among the most notable benefits of the use of hyperbaric chambers is stroke prevention, assisting stabilize atherosclerosis, treatment of embolism, and cerebral palsy.

Initially, hyperbaric chambers were only used within a medical facility but with the rapid development in technology specialists found a means to come up with a portable variant making it more suitable to use.